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If you are interested in buying one of these casts please email me. I am not after much money, and as a result there is no price - just make me an offer.

Nina's red LLC:
Nina wore this cast for about 6 hours and in that time she performed a range of activites as seen in the member section.  The cast is cut down one side only and is signed in her real name 'Leigh'.  Cast has no other marks on it (other than the writing)
Nina red Long Leg Cast   Red Long Leg Cast   Red Long Leg Cast

Long Leg Cast  Long Leg Cast  Long Leg Cast

If you are interested in purchasing this cast please email with your offer. 

This orange and blue stripe LLC was worn for 3 days by Symphony.  Quite clean, 1 cut down the side.
long leg cast fetish
This black LLC was worn by Dizzy for 5 hours during her photo shoot. Clean cast, one cut down the side. The cast smells slightly of Coco Butter moistruriser that she had on her feet/toes before the shoot.
sexy long leg cast

This black SLC was worn for 5 days by Symphony.  Smells slighty of her feer but a nice clean cast.
black short leg cast