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15/05/2013 -
Symphony is back, this time in a green LLC.  PLUS for the first time we have a male model, Dave!  In this steamy set not only do you see them casted seperatly and together but watch Dave suck her toes... The sucking does not stop there as the casts turn them on so much he goes down on her!  She then gives him a casted footjob.
*Warning this update contains sexually explicit images*

Symphony LLC Dave SLC

22/03/2013 - Final pictures of Jennifer in her SLC and all of the
pictures of her in her white SAC

SLC Sexy girl leg cast sexy girl broken ankle

Final update of Louises med SLC. Hospital visit, cast removal, some scar pictures.

Video Update!  This video shows the old cast being taken off. 
Louise's Medical SLC
A friend of mine, Louise recently broke her ankle in 3 places after a night out in Soho, London.
See her pictures, description of what happened and even mail her your get well wishes in the members area.  More pictures and videos to come.

Louise broken leg cast

Kays plaster LLC.
Latest update is over 25 mins of cast packed video action 3 Fiber LLC videos and 2 Plaster LLC videos!

Kays fiber LLC has been changed for a nice, big, heavy plaster long leg cast. 300 pictures of Kay in her cast, extreemly sexy and a must for all plaster leg cast fans!  Watch her relax get changed and keep her toes warm with a wool sock over her cast.

long leg cast# long leg cast llc


Kays Purple Fiber LLC
Sexy Kay is in a Purple LLC after falling on a night out with friends. Watch her relax at home in her cast, smoke a few cigaretts, make a drink, paint her toes, relax in bed and much more!  Plus see over 12 minutes of super sexy cast packed video!

Long Leg Last Long Leg Cast Long Leg Cast

Jessica's 5 day SLC - Days 2 - 5
317 pictures following Jessica in her SLC.  Lots of super sexy pictures of her and her cast.
Plus a HD video diary of Jess in her cast crutching, resting, toching her cast/toes plus having a bath (contains full nudity).

sexy girl with short leg cast girl in leg cast short leg cast sexy woman
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Jessica's 5 day SLC - Day 1
Over 60 pictures and the first 3 minute video of Jessica.  Last year Jessica wore a SLC for 5 days and did a 'video diary'.  Lots of great pictures and videos.  This is Day 1
Jessica SLC Jessica SLC Jessica SLC
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Ami changes her clothes and decorates her cast.

Ami LAC Ami Lac Ami LAC
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Ami gets ready to go out.  She really struggles to put on her jogging top, socks and boots.  Once out she struggles to open a bag of crips and a drink.  After all of this she relaxes by smoking a cigarette.
(click thumbnails to view large pictures)
Sexy woman with a long arm cast Long Arm Cast lac sexy woman with a long arm cast

Ami LATS - See Ami in her LATS talk about her broken arm, the pain she is in, make a drink and try to play on the xbox. 81 picture and over 7 minutes of video - what are you waiting for?
(click to view large previews)
long arm thumb spica cast long arm thumb cast LATS


Christmas Special 4 - two final videos - over 14 minutes of watching the girls releax with a cagarette, talk about thier casts and their pain, Ami plays with her toes and removes Jessica's shoes, write Christmas cards, sign each other casts! Over 14 minutes of cast packed videos!

Christmas Special 3 - Final picture set - over 90 pictures!  See the girls sign each others casts, plus see Jessica ticking Ami's feet.

long leg cast long arm cast short leg cast

Christmas Special 2 - 15 minutes of video and over 250 pictures -Ami and Jessica open their presents, make mulled wine, and relax their broken bones on the sofa.
christmas casts llc slc lac sac lac sac

Christmas Special 1
- 2 girls, 4 casts, 2 picture sets and 3 videos! Over 20 minutes of video and over 200 pictures - see two very sexy women in 4 casts struggle to decorate a christmas tree, wrap presents and MORE!
llclacslcsac xmascast cast

A huge 167 picture update of Jessica in her LLC dressed as a sexy secretary!
girl with leg cast woman with long leg cast woman with leg cast

Video 2 of Jessica -almost 2 minutes of Jessica crutching, talking about her cast and close up toe wiggling! Full video here - Full HD (1080p recording)
Video 1 of Jessica struggling to put on stockings and suspenders over her cast.  Its tough going and then she knocks her broken leg causing pain. Full HD (1080p recording)
20 second sample video here | Full video here - please note the full video does not have the copyright notice.

Jessica is in her Long Leg Cast, she goes to a local park to get some fresh air, but has to rest on a number of occasions as her leg is very painful.  (120 images)
long leg cast fetish resting broken leg on bench sexy dirty toes sticking out of long leg cast

These pictcures are from the first ever and second photo shoots we did way back in 2005. Set 1 is of Abi and set 2 is of Rebecca - both in plaster Long Leg Casts
long leg cast

I had forgotten I had this set of Jade in her SLC and SAC. Set contains 166 pictures.
girl with broken arm and broken leg short leg cast short arm cast girl with broken arm short arm cast

Dizzy video 4 - Washing up.  Dizzy in her LLC, crutching, struggling to wash up, cast touching. Hear her tell you how hard it is to do things in her cast and some 'pain' noises.
long leg cast woman in leg cast leg cast


Dizzy set 2 - Watch Dizzy changing into some very sexy lacy underwear showing off her lovely breasts and cute bottom. We see her struggle to put stockings on her uncasted AND over her casted leg - a must for cast and hose/stockings lovers!

long leg cast on Dizzy long leg cast LLC with breasts showing LLC

3 Videos of Dizzy

Video 1 sees Dizzy massaging and wiggling her freshly painted toes (1 minute 12 seconds)
Video 2 sees Dizzy choosing which shoes to wear (2 minutes 5 seconds)
Video 3 sees Dizzy putting on a sexy pair of stockings and suspenders.  A very sexy video! (4 minutes 48 seconds)
long leg cast with red painted toes long leg cast with sexy shoes long leg cast with sexy stockings and suspenders
Dizzy set 1 - 205 pictures with 2 changes of clothes, leg resting on sofa, going up stairs, underwear pictures and more...

long leg cast long leg cast long leg cast

Nina - Set 2 - Nina has a shower fully naked apart from her LLC and cast cover.  She then dries herself, does her hair, paints her nails and relaxes on the bed with just a small pair of pants on

nina llc nina long leg cast  nina long leg cast

Nina - Has her red LLC applied, puts on her makup and relaxes

ninallc1  nina llc 2  nina llc 3

3 Lovely sets of Jade - she even gets topless
Set one:
87 pictures of Jade out and about in a local park in her red SLC

jade short leg cast picture one  jade short leg cast picture two  jade short leg cast picture three

Set two:
67 pictures of Jade relaxing on the bed and pulling some yoga poses!

jade short leg cast picture four  jade short leg cast picture five  jade short leg cast picture six

Set three:
A massive 153 pictures of Jade dressed as a naughty school girl.
Infact as the set progresses the naughtier Jade gets untill eventually she is only wearing her skirt.

jade short leg cast picture 8  jade short leg cast picture 9  jade short leg cast picture 7

Brooke - Pink LAC - Set one
169 images of the sexy Brooke having a pink LAC applied - sets 2 and 3 to follow soon

brooke lac  brooke lac  brooke lac