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There is quite a lot to read - sorry but its all important info.

Custom photo sets and custom DVD sets!

We have done custom photo and DVD shoots for casters in the past, but we want to extend this service so it is more accessible to more people.  We also realise that some people want a bigger choice of model to use, so we have spent the last 3 months working with a group of models to ensure that whatever cast you want, on whatever type of woman you want you can have it!

What is it?

This is your chance to fulfil your casting dream.  Imagine having the type of woman you want, in the cast you want, wearing the clothes you want them to wear right down to the colour of nail varnish.  You are your own 'director' and we follow your directions precisely to ensure you get exactly what you want.

How does it work?

When you contact us you give us a brief (at this stage) outline of what you want, and the type of woman you want to wear the cast(s).  So for example you would say "I want a model with long blonde hair, medium build, to wear a pink SLC and for her to be out in a park".  We then email you back with a link to all of the models we have with long blond hair, medium build.

Next you tell us which model you want to use, and this time you give us your exact instructions or 'script'.  Telling us:

* Which limb(s)
* If you want her casted from the start or to have an 'accident' etc
* What 'look' you want from your model - including clothes changes, shoes, nail varnish colour, makeup, how you want her hair done etc.  Also tell us how many clothes changes you want (night wear, formal wear etc)
* What you want her to do while casted, household chores etc
* If you want her to go public, and if so where
* If you are having a DVD as opposed to a photo set and you want the model to say anything to you, your name, how the cast feels etc etc please tell us that info.
* We then contact you with the final price, and once payment is received we book the model, and let you know the date of the shoot.

How much does it cost?

The cost of the shoot will depend on a number of factors:
1) Different models charge different rates, and to make it more complicated they charge more if they are naked / topless than if they stay fully clothed.
2) You also purchase the materials so you can be sure you are getting the exact cast and colour you want.  So the cost of a dual LLC, will be significantly higher than a plaster SAC
3) Do you want the model to go out?  For example, one shoot we did we were asked to go to a Zoo.  We ask that you cover the cost of entry for the model and depending on the assignment the photographer/cameraman.

Will you rip me off?

The answer is NO!  We are both casters, and understand how frustrating it can be not getting what you want.  Yes its not cheap, but you get exactly what you want - and more.  We can and do provide you with copies of all receipts/invoices incurred so you can be sure we are not getting any hidden charges out of you.  We do charge you for our time, but only a very small fee, the bulk of the money goes on the supplies and the models time.  We are in no way trying to get rich quick or rip fellow casters off.  We have simply listened to what people have said to us, and in the wider community and feel that this is a missing service.

Do you share my pictures with other casters?

No we dont.  Its your money used to pay for your shoot, in the way you want.  Unless you specifically wanted the picture set to be viewable via our website all shoots and DVD's are 100% private and we do not share any of your details, or pictures with anyone else.

Contact us on for more information and to discuss your requirements.